The Koan Of Illness

It's Not Too Late!

Next course in March 2019.

Learn from Dr. Fuentes how to develop a vision, a strategy, and action steps that will take a vague wish into a concrete achievement.

Work with others to get support and share feedback as you create your future. 

Based on the book, It's Not Too Late available at or on Amazon, this six week course shows you how to discover your real goals  - as opposed to goals others might have for you or goals with a big "should" around them.  Then it shows you how to follow a simple process to turn your obstacles into steppingstones to your dreams.

Dr. Fuentes taught a much loved planning and goal setting course for many years at a major university.  There, she learned that, in addition to practical advice, objective and caring support was fundamental to success.  Working in isolation or getting "help" from people who might have another agenda for you can hold you back.  Developing your plan with people who have no other agenda for you than your own success gives you an instant set of cheerleaders. 

In this course, you will work with people who can encourage you and give you resource referrals, constructive feedback, and other assistance.  Review others’ plans and learn from them. Be a part of other people's success stories!  

The course involves interaction with other participants and the author/instructor.  Opportunities for ongoing connection post course will be provided.


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