A Journey of Awakening

Do you suffer from chronic illness or are you the caregiver for someone who does?

Welcome to the Koan of Illness, where we look at illness as a growth path instead of a prison sentence, a healing journey instead of series of losses, and an opportunity for awakening beyond the confines of body and mind.

Our current offerings are described below.  I hope you join us on this journey.

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Facebook: Join the conversation about illness and transformation here.
Short Course:  The Four Dimensions of Healing – only $17.00! Get an overview here of the integral map and how it can be used to better manage illness.
Integral Life:  Watch a video describing an integral way to look at illness:
The Koan of Illness Course: Empowering Yourself: Discover ways to take back some of the power that illness has stolen from you. Begins June 2. Click here. Next session of the course to be offered in June 2019. See below for current courses. All courses are stand alone.
The Koan of Illness Course:  Healing the Trauma:  Learn ways to heal from the trauma of being ill or caring for someone who is ill.  Begins August 4, 2018.  Click here.
The Koan of Illness Course:  Healing Your Relationships:  Discover how to work with the changes that illness brings to relationships.  Begins October 13, 2018.  Click here
The Koan of Illness Course:  Using Illness as a Springboard to Personal Growth:  Explore ways to use the experience of illness to accelerate personal growth.  Begins January, 2019.
The Koan of Illness Course:  Illness as an Accelerator of Spiritual Intelligence and Spiritual Awakening.  Begins March, 2019.
The Koan of Illness Course:  Healing through the Interaction of Growing Up, Waking Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up.  Begins May, 2019.

Interviews:  Listen to experts with an integral perspective on chronic illness.  Click here.

Resources and Readings:  Writings and resources for chronic illness management.  Click here.

The Koan of Illness Course Series

People with illness and those who care for them have a unique experience that is not well understood by the rest of the world, a world which may often seem uncaring and very difficult to deal with. How does one manage a life within the constraints that illness? There are so many questions that arise:   Why can’t I be the person I was meant to be? How can I deal with my feelings of guilt or anger? What can I do to improve my relationships? Why am I suffering? Why is anyone suffering?


Join us to investigate these and other questions that arise out of the illness experience.

In this series, we use a comprehensive practical, philosophical, and spiritual map – the integral map – to increase our capacity to manage illness, to heal from the traumas it causes, to improve our relationships, to use illness as a springboard to personal growth, and to deepen our spirituality. In the first course, we look at how illness can be so disempowering and how we might take back some of our lost power. In later courses, we look at healing our emotional pain and our relationships, and at using our experience to lead us to higher levels of personal and spiritual growth. Illness may be a tragedy, but it also holds gifts for those who can see them.

For more information: – click here

For information on current courses, please see above.

Dr. Lynn Royster Fuentes founded and administered a university program for students with chronic illness, created and taught a university course on chronic illness, served for several years on the board of a national illness organization, and has herself been a caregiver for several decades. Lynn has degrees in political science, communication, law, and conflict management. Her Ph.D. was based in integral theory which informs this unique approach to illness management.


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