Learn to map and manage the myriad issues associated with chronic illness whether you are a patient, caregiver, medical professional, or policymaker.

Illness Is Both A Trauma And A Project.

It requires dealing with the healthcare system, navigating changes in lifestyle and relationships, and handing the emotions that arise with having your hopes and dreams derailed.

If you have a chronic illness and are wondering where to go next or how to manage all of the issues facing you, this course can offer new perspectives. We will use the Integral map, a theory developed by Ken Wilber who himself suffers from a chronic illness and was a caregiver for many years for his wife. This map will give you a comprehensive look at how your inner and outer worlds are affected by illness.

The course is suitable for patients, caregivers, practitioners and others who deal with healthcare matters.

“..healing occurs - and must occur - on all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.” - Ken Wilber

Guided 10-Week Course Live Q&A and Discussion

Turn Chronic Illness Into A Path for Spiritual Growth

Pilot Program — Limited Number of Participants

This Program Will Help You:

  • Learn to more effectively navigate both the project and the trauma of illness
  • Learn to interact skillfully with the many players in the healthcare world, including family and friends
  • Learn to spot shadow aspects that are triggered by chronic illness
  • Learn to use chronic illness as a path to personal and spiritual growth
  • Solve the koan that illness presents to you


This Program Is For:

  • People who feel stumped about where to go next with their chronic illness
  • People who have trouble communicating with others about their illness
  • People who want to understand their patients and clients better
  • People who want to see more deeply into the systems that affect chronic illness
  • People who want to work with the shadow and spirit aspects of managing illness

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Your Instructor:

Dr. Lynn Royster Fuentes

Lynn is a college instructor, educational course designer, and a mediator with a BA, MA, JD, and PhD. An experienced classroom and online instructor, she has designed and taught courses in transpersonal psychology, writing, planning, chronic illness, and conflict management at DePaul University, where she also founded and directed the Chronic Illness Initiative, a program to help students with chronic illness obtain a degree.

A devoted student of Ken Wilber and integral philosophy, she has published integrally oriented essays and articles on conflict resolution and illness management and weaves integral ideas into her course design and teaching. She follows an integral life practice of physical, psychological, meditative, and cognitive development.

Lynn is a trained mediator and has skill with several methods of personal growth including various forms of shadow work, personal inquiry, life planning, and meditation. She has published personal essays, academic articles, and several books.

Lynn has also volunteered in many capacities – with battered women, people in the recovery community, and people with chronic illness – and served on the board of the CFIDS Association of America for many years. Despite her study of many disciplines, Lynn regards her greatest learning as long-term caregiver for severely ill family members.


Course Information, Introductions, Resources
Overview: Chronic Illness Basics & the Integral Map
Four Windows into Chronic Illness: The Integral Quadrants
Seven Ways to Look: The Levels of Development
Looking for Help: Infrared Instinct - The Pre-Self
Looking for Help: Magenta Magic - The Powerless Self
Finding Answers: Red Independence - The Powerful Self and Amber Conformity - The Authority-Seeking Self
Taking Charge: Orange Rationality - The Objective Self and Green Consensus - The Community Self
Illness as a Spiritual Path
Bringing It All Together: Teal Integration - The Comprehensive Self - Creating Your Map