The desire to wake up spiritually is something natural in the human being, often driven by the need to escape from a cocoon that has become too small for us. Each time we meditate, we transform our human consciousness, expanding our mind towards the frontier of the spirit.

Course is self guided.  Start when you are ready!


In this video, I explain why I teach meditation.


After developing my method more I found that is better to divide the first skill into two and that is why now I teach 6 Skills.


Meditation is both

A path and a destination

Meditation requires dealing with our present state of consciousness which has been influenced by our upbringing, often in a particular religious tradition.  Whatever explanation of the Ultimate Reality and its accompanying values and allowed behavior we began with, we can transform that state of consciousness into a higher and more universal one. 

Meditation can be understood as a psycho-technology of liberation and freedom. Using this technology, we can shift externally imposed interpretations of reality into a direct first person, unmediated experience of the inner reality of our own being.

In order to develop this freedom, we need to master the skills of the path that lead to it, and with these skills as our tool kit, actually get to the road and move forward.

This course offers you the tools and the way to discover for yourself, and only by yourself, where the path leads. You have to actually walk the path. These six meditation skills are within the reach of everyone. They may be engaged with at many different levels and are designed to support both those who are already on the spiritual path and those who are beginning on that path. With practice, these skills will create positive growth and habits in both the personal and the spiritual spheres. 

Meditation is the natural state of being,
“… meditation is the space in which everything gets revealed, everything gets seen, everything gets experienced.”
~ Adyashanti

Guided 10-Week Course

Turn your meditation
into a personal, intimate
and enjoyable habit

Limited Number
of Participants

This Program Will Help You to:

  • Be present to your life.
  • Adopt a more effective strategy on thinking, rather than trying to stop thinking.
  • Gain clarity and understanding of the elements governing thoughts, images, emotions, feelings, judgments and sensations.
  • Understand the difference between vertical and horizontal development.
  • Practice the art of personal inquiry.

Participants Will Attain:

  • Reduction of fear.
  • More self-control and inner peace.
  • A balanced mind with greater love and compassion.
  • Increased awareness.

This Program Is For:

  • Beginning meditators who want to start on the path.
  • Intermediate meditators who want to polish their meditation skills and focus on the essentials of meditation free of dogma.
  • Advanced meditators who want to share their experience and compare notes with others.

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Your Instructor:

José Ricardo Fuentes

Meditation Teacher

I was born and raised in Colombia, South America where I obtained an Industrial Engineering degree and did post-graduate work in Organizational Development.

At 28, after rising to the position of HR director for Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador for Merck Co., I left the business world to pursue spiritual development. I lived in an ashram (spiritual community) for eight years, practicing meditation and community service and for six years served as director of the community. 

In 2004, I had a revelatory experience while helping a family in Miami. Through this experience, it became clear that it was “through me” and not “because of me” that results were achieved. This personal experience of being used as a vehicle of grace and love ignited the flame of service within, and I dedicated my life to the embodiment and teaching of transformation, personal growth, and spiritual development.


This course is ten weeks and includes
guided meditations and group video calls:

Week 1: Course Information, Q and A, and Introductions
The information necessary to navigate the course, a forum for questions about the course, and a forum for participant introductions

Week 2: Overview of Meditation 
Teaching about the basic purpose and scope of meditation practice 

Week 3: The First Skill
Teaching of the first skill of relaxation with video and guided meditations

Week 4: The Second Skill: Concentration
Teaching of the second skill of concentration with video and guided meditations

Week 5: The Third Skill: Alertness
Teaching of the third skill of alertness with video and guided meditations

Week 6: From Mindfulness to Awakening
Description of the movement from concentration meditation to insight meditation with video and guided meditations

Week 7: The Fourth Skill: Imperturbability
Teaching of the fourth skill of imperturbability with video and guided meditations

Week 8: The Fifth Skill: Awareness
Teaching of the fifth skill of awareness with video and guided meditations 

Week 9: The Sixth Skill: Spiritual Inquiry
Teaching of the sixth skill of spiritual inquiry with video and guided meditations

Week 10: Wrap Up and Goodbyes
Teaching of the habits conducive to effective practice with video and guided meditations

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