A Journey of Awakening

Do you suffer from chronic illness or are you the caregiver for someone who does?

Welcome to the Koan of Illness, where we look at illness as a growth path instead of a prison sentence, a healing journey instead of series of losses, and an opportunity for awakening beyond the confines of body and mind.

Our current offerings are described below.  I hope you join us on this journey.

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Facebook: Join the conversation about illness and transformation here.

Interviews:  Listen to experts with an integral perspective on chronic illness.  Click here.

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The Koan of Illness Courses.  Join us for any of these stand alone courses or purchase the entire series.  See below for more information.

      Empowering Yourself:  Discover ways to take back some of the power that illness has stolen from you. Begins each June. Click here.
      Healing the Trauma:  Learn ways to heal from the trauma of being ill or caring for someone who is ill.  Begins each August.  Click here.
      Healing Your Relationships:  Discover how to work with the changes that illness brings to relationships.  Begins each November.  Click here
      Using Illness as a Springboard to Personal Growth:  Explore ways to use the experience of illness to accelerate personal growth.  Begins each January. Click here.
      Illness as an Accelerator of Spiritual Intelligence and Spiritual Awakening.  Make illness or caregiving part of your spiritual path. Begins each March.  Click here.
      Integration:  A New Vision for Healing.  Develop a healing integral life practice. Begins each May.  It is recommended that you be well versed in integral philosophy or have taken at least one of the other courses before taking this one.  Click here.

Short Course:  The Four Dimensions of Healing – only $17.00! Get an overview of the integral map and how it can be used to better manage illness. Click here.

What Course Participants Say

Imago Inocente: Lynn's Koan of Chronic Illness is a revelation in the understanding and management of chronic illness. I can say that I have never experienced her breadth and depth of understanding before. I learned so much about how I have needlessly struggled; how I have learned to overcome the challenges and how there are new and exciting possibilities for where to go from here. I would strongly encourage anyone suffering or caring for a sufferer of chronic illness to learn Lynn's model. Medical professionals especially, need to learn this. It teaches holistically, in the true sense of the word, and we meet parts of ourselves previously ignored by us and overlooked by the medical system. Lynn shares from her own experiences with heart and humour. It was a privilege to be part of her training.

Liz Taylor: My experience with Lynn's Koan of Chronic Illness course was memorable and uplifting. Never have I felt so connected to so many new friends in such a deep and meaningful way. As a person struggling with a chronic condition, I find the world isn't often interested in hearing about my challenges when they come back again and again. But being able to hear from, respond to and talk live with others who share that experience gave me a sense of being seen and heard in such a healing way. I looked forward to each week's topics, extra resources and Lynn's intelligent yet personal writings on the theme of the week. It was amazing how much I learned!
Thank you, Lynn, for making this course possible! I would highly recommend others take one of your courses in order to learn about themselves and connect to others for the mutual benefit of all.

Susan Schuurmans: I had been following Lynn's presentations online and had a great wish to take the programme. It was a wonderful moment when Lynn made it possible for me to join no matter how devalued my local currency is. Thank you so much Lynn! The course has prodded me out of my comfort zones, humbled me when I see the challenges others face, invited me into a valuable self-assessing of myself, and challenged me to engage once again with the integral model, this time grittily working on my understanding of myself and where I can grow into further ways to work with great consciousness with this dis-ease. Lynn's gentle facilitation of the weekly phone call and online comments holds all with great safety. She teaches from a place of being a person still learning after all these years the territory of illness and caretaking and shares as a companion on this challenging way how she finds the perspective of integral is useful when living with illness. I was very impressed by Lynn's easy and deep knowledge of the integral model and her crystal clear presentations of the integral model are to be treasured! The material is meaty and I particularly loved the handouts that spoke to illness within the perspective of integral. I was surprised by how I loved the calls and meeting my fellow attendees - where ever possible I stayed up to midnight to participate! I am looking forward to the next segment!

Heather: Lynn has created a way of seeing our experience of illness that empowers and enlivens. Being part of her course let's me know I'm part of a greater whole where my challenges are shared. I can feel connected, seen and heard. Even the difficult stuff is allowed. This is a humbling experience and as I've heard it said " Being heard leads to healing". There are so many fantastic tools and learnings on offer, there will always be something to take away. Lynn is holding the space for a community to develop, where sharing and caring go hand in hand. Lynn is a wise and compassionate teacher. I feel so grateful for all the gifts I've received during my time with her.

Laria: It felt so wonderful to be a part of such an integral community and such an inspiring group of women!
Your course is wonderfully thought provoking and has so many valuable tools I hope to keep revisiting it again and again to further contemplate all that you have given us.  So a BIG THANK YOU for offering this course! I am spreading the word to my chronic illness friends.

Maria: I very much appreciate the generosity of Lynn for making this course available to us and all of the sincere and wise contributions of you all. Traveling and exploring together the parts of ourselves which are not easy to face makes this journey possible.

Wendy: And Lynn - simply wow! Thanks for being such a pioneer and putting such an educational and heart-full class together for our benefit. I will read and re-read your handouts as I continue to live with this chronic illness. Your work is a blessing and a deep comfort to me. It is good to be understood and to have partners on this journey. So thank you for showing up on my computer - I will never forget you!

Jenny: I really can't thank you enough for such a fantastic course! It has been a lifeline, truly. Take care and see you in the next round!


The Koan of Illness Course Series

People with illness and those who care for them have a unique experience that is not well understood by the rest of the world, a world which may often seem uncaring and very difficult to deal with. How does one manage a life within the constraints that illness brings?

There are so many questions that arise:   Why can’t I be the person I was meant to be? How can I deal with my feelings of guilt or anger? What can I do to improve my relationships? Why am I suffering? Why is anyone suffering?

Join us to investigate these and other questions that arise out of the illness experience.

In this series, we use a comprehensive practical, philosophical, and spiritual map – the integral map – to increase our capacity to manage illness, to heal from the traumas it causes, to improve our relationships, to use illness as a springboard to personal growth, and to deepen our spirituality. In the first course, we look at how illness can be so disempowering and how we might take back some of our lost power. In later courses, we look at healing our emotional pain and our relationships, and at using our experience to lead us to higher levels of personal and spiritual growth. Illness may be a tragedy, but it also holds gifts for those who can see them.

For more information on the current courses, please see above.

Dr. Lynn Fuentes founded and administered a university program for students with chronic illness, created and taught a university course on chronic illness, served for several years on the board of a national illness organization, and has herself been a caregiver for several decades. Lynn has degrees in political science, communication, law, and conflict management. Her Ph.D. was based in integral theory which informs this unique approach to illness management.


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