It's Not Too Late

A Six Week Course that Will Change Your Life

Next class begins in winter, 2021.  Please write to [email protected]  for more information.

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It's Never Too Late to Recreate Your Life

Often our lives have not turned out quite like we thought they would.  We may have shelved goals, let go of creative ideas, taken on responsibilities that interfered with our dreams, or simply failed to live as fully as we once wanted to do.  The book, It's Not Too Late, by Dr. Lynn Fuentes lays out a process for digging out those old dreams and turning them into reality.

But a lot of the time, we need more than just a book. Too many people read books, then put them down and go on with things as they have been.  Without accountability partners, cheerleaders, and friends who care about your progress, it's all too easy not to keep going.

In this course, you follow the easy to use step-by-step process to find your vision, develop a strategy for realizing it, and take action, WITH the support of other people who will be doing just the same thing.  As you delve into yourself to find your lost dreams or unrealized goals and learn how to make steppingstones out of the obstacles that have gotten in your way in the past, you will have others with you to share each step. 

It’s Not Too Late is a six week online course that includes all you need to create a great plan plus all the support you need to make sure you actually follow through. Now is the time to take out those unrealized dreams and put them into action!

Feedback on Your Plan

Submit each step of your plan and get feedback and support from other people.

Discussion Forum

Share your successes and concerns with others.  You're not alone!

Step by Step Process

Easy path to enacting your dreams! 

Your Instructor:

Dr. Lynn Royster Fuentes has taught conflict management, personal development, and planning and goal setting at DePaul University and via her own company, Transformation Teaching, LLC. She holds numerous degrees, including a J.D. and a Ph.D. Dr. Fuentes is a lawyer, a trained mediator, and a personal development coach and has recreated her own life many times using the transformational techniques described in her book.

Course Outline

It's Not Too Late

Module 1. Course Information; How to Give Feedback

Module 2. Defining Your Dream

Module 3.  Designing a Strategy

Module 4.  Turning Your Obstacles into Stepping Stones

Module 5. Finalizing the Plan

Module 6. Launch

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