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You Don't Have to Go to the Himalayas or be a Monk to Benefit from the Power of Meditation

FREE GUIDE: The Six Skills of Meditation
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The Basic Skills
to Master Meditation

After living in an ashram (monastic community) for eight years and practicing meditation for 50 years, I have extracted six essential skills that are the basics of any meditation practice.  I present them in a sequence that leads from mindfulness to awareness to awakening.

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No More Confusion

This guide has a very specific step by step map for developing the capacity to meditate well. Learn the best sequence for increasing your meditation skill.

Advance at Your Own Pace

In this guide, we show you how each skill is beneficial in itself. You choose how deep and fast to go with each one.

Enhances all Meditation

After 50 years of practice, we know what works. This guide can save you countless hours and show you where you need to focus.


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